Having grown weary of mainstream theoretical physics blogs either claiming nothing is wrong, or admitting something is wrong and suggesting some new idea is needed (but gods forbid it comes from some unsanctioned source), I figured I’d try to settle some of mud from these murky depths.  What can go wrong?


J’en ai marre 9

T plus 17 days? Morning. Annecy. Breakfasted in room. (Meal prices in this hoity toity hotel are exorbitant; there are limits to how far we will go to pamper ourselves.) A friend from Switzerland is due to arrive this morning. His failure to effectively communicate leaves uncertain how this day will play out. The expectation …

J’en ai marre 7

2021 Travels Part 7 Francesca’s Post Truffle Post Then we wandered the fashion district for a postprandial sort of passeggiata and that was very interesting. We appreciate creativity in all its forms. Often just the window displays are real works of art. But no! This was the very first time it ever disappointed. Most subdued …