Having grown weary of mainstream theoretical physics blogs either claiming nothing is wrong, or admitting something is wrong and suggesting some new idea is needed (but gods forbid it comes from some unsanctioned source), I figured I’d try to settle some of mud from these murky depths.  What can go wrong?


J’en ai marre 3

Zombies PW had a recent article about supersymmetry theorists who refuse to concede that the idea is ill-conceived. I call it stupid, but that’s just me. Still, SUSY, although dead, continues to walk about like some sort of zombie theory eager to eat the brains of a new generation. In grad school my advisor, who …

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Tradition The New York Times Sunday Magazine recently had an article about billionaire Nicolas Berggruen’s effort to set up an Institute to promote modern philosophical thinkers, with a slant to the pragmatic and effectual. Some words drawn from the article: “… [a] philosopher whose work has been supported by the Berggruen Institute, suggests that Berggruen …