Having grown weary of mainstream theoretical physics blogs either claiming nothing is wrong, or admitting something is wrong and suggesting some new idea is needed (but gods forbid it comes from some unsanctioned source), I figured I’d try to settle some of mud from these murky depths.  What can go wrong?


C for Cute

Helpful extraterrestrials need not apply My brain, as is its wont, has latched onto an old idea, ignored the multiple times in the past I’ve presented it as new, and, well, you get the idea (pull my finger). So, this highly original reboot is to (re)imagine some cluster of nattily attired super intelligent aliens – …

Baguette List

Unavoidable Rant Like addicts recognizing the need to correct misbehavior, but unable to do so – unable to break the constricting addiction, or even anymore able to imagine what that might be like – the theoretical physics elite occasionally recognizes the need to introduce ideas from the wastelands, but then they get immersed in discussions …

Movie Reviews

Siskel and Ebert and Roeper In 1986 two Chicago based film critics (Siskel and Ebert) took their reviewing skills to the little screen (much littler then than now, although those CRT pigs weighed a lot more than today’s flat screens). So, this is the misty past. Universities were starting to get internet connectivity that year, …