Having grown weary of mainstream theoretical physics blogs either claiming nothing is wrong, or admitting something is wrong and suggesting some new idea is needed (but gods forbid it comes from some unsanctioned source), I figured I’d try to settle some of mud from these murky depths.  What can go wrong?


Drama Royalty

“By far the most usual way of handling phenomena so novel that they would make for serious rearrangement of our preconceptions is to ignore them altogether, or to abuse those who bear witness for them.” WILLIAM JAMES This, to me, is a self-evident truth. But there is a meta-level to this truth: even if everyone …

Le Design de Tout 02

No, really, where is all the anti-matter? https://arxiv.org/abs/1407.4818 Goings on 01 Francesca, my adorable super talented tenured professor wife, started her Spring semester today (2023.01.17). Well, that’s not quite right. She’d already “started” working from home, getting all her obstreperous ducks in a row, but she did manage some thoroughly down time when we went …